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Andhra Pradesh Weather

The weather of this state can be divided into three main seasons. The summer season starts in March and ends in May. The rainy season starts in June and ends in October. The winter season starts in November and ends in February.

The climate of this state is always hot and humid. The rainfall is witnessed due to the South west Monsoon. The temperature of the state varies from 20 degree C to 40 degree C during summer season. Sun screen lotions, light clothing and other protections are necessary for summer visitors. Cotton is the best material to wear during summer season. Dehydration is common during this season and thus all tourists are requested to carry adequate amount of water during their trips. Those with infants or small children are not advised to visit this place during summer season, especially May. The hill stations and coastal areas in the state also experience a temperature rise up to 30 degree C.

During rainy season, there would not be a much difference in the temperature and humidity. The North east monsoon brings rainfall that is very essential for agriculture. During this season, the temperature can go as high as 35 degree C. The state would be damp, marshy and humid during rainy season. Since you can enjoy a lot of rainfall in coastal areas, people who love rain visit this place during rainy season. All water related activities would be at its prime beauty during this season.

Winter marks the beginning of tourist arrival. The temperature can go as low as 13 degree C. The hill station climate can drop to 10 degree C too. The maximum temperature during winter season is 30 degree C and thus, you need not pack heavy woollen cloth and other protective gears for winter. Snowfall is not seen in this state except a small village in Vishakpatanam called Lambasingi. The temperature in this place can go as low as negative 20 degree C during winter.

As a whole, there is no standard temperature in this state. Each place experiences a different type of temperature during a given season. Thus, no matter which season you reach this state, you can enjoy an array of different styled places